„Did you know that here should be a totally meaningful quote about sustainability?“

Our vision

Who we are and what drives us

As a digital agency, i:punkt has been working successfully on the use of the Internet for commercial purposes for over 20 years . Websites, shops, apps and many digital concepts have emerged. However, we only became aware of the connection between successful websites and climate friendliness when the enormous energy consumption of the Internet was increasingly discussed. One rarely encounters such a harmony of goals. And that's why we created Greentelligent.Website.

Climate Monster Internet.

Whether privately or for business, you, we, your company and your customers, we all appreciate and use the internet and its diverse possibilities.

We communicate daily via emails and messenger services, online retail has experienced its final breakthrough alongside brick-and-mortar retail as part of the global pandemic, and more and more mobile devices are making it easier to access information - around the clock and available everywhere.

We quickly forget that the Internet as a digital information and communication platform consumes enormous amounts of energy - in data centers, on users' end devices and in companies along global value chains.

The total energy consumption of the Internet is currently in fourth place behind China, India and the USA - and the trend is still rising.

This need not be.

After all, digitization offers promising opportunities for a more sustainable world. It creates innovations to counteract climate change and helps reduce the consumption of scarce resources, among other things.

In terms of websites, stores and much more, this means quite simply:

  • The sooner the page is found, the less energy is needed.
  • The faster the page loads, the less CO2 is emitted.
  • And if the user gets to the goal faster, that also saves resources.

All this together helps the environment - but also makes the site better and more successful. This is not always possible with a modular solution, but it is often easier than you think. With people who know both web technology and UX experience. Let's do it!

Sustainable development is responsibility.

As a co-shaper of the digital future, we take our responsibility seriously.

With our extensive technical know-how, a well-founded enthusiasm for marketing and high networking competence, we see it as a voluntary commitment to constantly reduce the consumption of resources generated in and by our work.

We design and develop modern digital communication solutions. We want to help make the Internet more resource-efficient.

We want to help companies reduce their resource consumption and, in the process, realize the benefits of an optimized website.

We want to create awareness for the connections between climate protection and the use of the Internet.

Do the math yourself.

There´s no planet B.