„Did you know that here should be a totally meaningful quote about sustainability?“

Topic: Climate footprint of the Internet

How do you improve the carbon footprint of your website?

The company's own website is getting more and more content, trade fairs and conferences are taking place predominantly online due to the pandemic, and product information is increasingly being sent to customers digitally due to paper delivery bottlenecks.

The benefits of the Internet are unmistakable, yet global data traffic consumes incredible amounts of electricity and the Internet and its possibilities continue to grow inexorably.

Did you know that the CO2 emissions of an average website with 10,000 hits are equivalent to a round-trip flight between Stuttgart - Hamburg?

But there are potential savings that can even have a positive impact on the user experience.

More energy-efficient websites are fit for the future.

With sustainable web development and climate-friendly hosting, the footprint of the digital presence can be significantly reduced.

But Greentelligent.Websites® are not only climate friendly, they are green and intelligent. How so?

When optimizing a website, we can influence at least 4 crucial factors to improve the ecological balance of the site: