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The sustainability check for your website

The sustainability check for your website

Our sustainability check shows - quickly and straightforwardly - opportunities for making websites more climate-friendly, energy-efficient and user-friendly. Because we are digital experts with a green heart and want to draw attention to the already immense and still increasing energy consumption of the Internet.

This is how your website becomes a Greentelligent.Website.



What does the sustainability check offer me?

Technical analysis of the current state

Without backend access, we use 200 criteria to check how climate-friendly your website is.

What do we
check exactly?

Tailor-made and easy to implement

You receive concrete recommendations that are feasible without relaunch or costly IT projects.

What is
the result?

Measurable, directly effective CO2 reduction

Every click saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. A good feeling for you and your users!

Do the quick check now!

A single webpage with 10000 page
views per month generates per year:

Would be necessary to compensatet his amount of CO2.

This amount of CO2 would correspond to the production of 2.454 cups of coffee.

This amount of CO2 would correspond to a car journey of 1.225 km.

How does my site perform?

How climate-friendly is my website?

The site is anti-climate!

Not everything is optimal on the site yet.

That looks very good!

The value could not be calculated. Please try again.
he value could not be calculated. Please try again.
The value could not be calculated. Please try again.
The hoster could not be investigated. Please try again.
XXX Seconds

requires your page to load on mobile devices. The faster your page loads, the less power is consumed.


are transmitted per page view. This corresponds to an emission of XXX gram CO2. At XXX page views a day you generate XXX CO2 kilograms per year.


of all audits for search engine optimized page structures were passed.

Unfortunately, your hoster does not use sustainable energy sources, such as water, wind or solar energy.

Your hoster uses only sustainable energy sources, such as water, wind or solar energy.

Have your entire website checked and find out exactly what you can optimize.

Wie geht es weiter?

Apply for a sustainability check now!

It can become significantly more climate-friendly in just a few simple steps. For this, we are happy to check in more detail.

So geht es weiter

Apply for a sustainability check now!

If your entire website performs like , it's only a short way to a climate-friendly website. You can find out which one exactly:

This is how it goes

Apply for a sustainability check now!

For an initial assessment, test here your individual webpages of your website and find out how to proceed:

Your entered page seems to be unreachable or is specially protected. Please check if you have written the URL correctly. If you are sure that the URL is correct and still no short analysis is possible, please feel free to contact us.
Please check your information and enter a valid URL.
The given URL redirects to a document that is not an HTML web page. It may be that the URL is specially protected so that our analysis bot is deliberately redirected. Try to analyze another page of this domain. If all tested pages are protected in such a way, no automated short analysis is possible. If you want to order a manual analysis, feel free to contact us.

What is a Greentelligent.Website?

is technically

Greentelligent.Websites are better found, have shorter loading times and lead the visitor faster to his target. As a result, they consume less power and reduce the carbon footprint of the Internet.

And are also more successful.

Without relaunch or costly IT projects.

What are the essential characteristics of a Greentelligent website?

Loading times

Fast-loading websites consume significantly less power and delight every user.

Get detailed insight into your site's performance and learn how to improve it.

Carbon footprint

Yes, your website consumes electricity and produces CO2.

Calculate your emissions so that you can then produce less carbon emissions in a targeted manner.


If your website is found quickly, it saves energy with Google & Co.

Examine the structural design, syntax and metadata that help search engines understand your website.


Data centers that run on real green power are, of course, also more climate-friendly.

Screen your hoster for the use of clean, renewable energy in their data centers.

How does my website become greentelligent?

Provide real climate protection with your website and sustainably strengthen your brand. No relaunch or IT project is necessary for a Greentelligent.Website.

Without backend access or similar, we check your website in detail using over 200 criteria.
What exactly
is being investigated?
You will receive a detailed protocol with recommendations for action and result
What does
the report look like?
If your website demonstrably exceeds the test value, you will receive the certificate and the seal.
Streghten your brand and make a real contribution to climate protection.
Request an audit now!

What are the advantages for you?

Perform climate protection with every click!

With our seal of approval you get a permanent* visibility of your commitments to digital sustainability – without compensation! Show your pioneering role in your industry to your customers and competitors by using our seal.

* The validity of our seal of our seal of approval is 12 months. After that, a further examination is necessary.

What drives us?

Utilize potentials

Digitization and sustainability are closely linked.

Driving innovation

Digitization offers opportunities for climate protection and ways to reduce resource consumption.

Creating synergy

A climate-friendly Internet can also be a more user-friendly Internet. That's what we're committed to.

What about the costs?

The costs of our sustainability check depend on the scope of the website. Many different contents and language versions lead to a greater audit effort.

up to

50 pages


up to

100 pages


more than

100 pages


*All prices plus VAT.

Detailed information about the costs, expenses and services can be found here:

Costs and services

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What are you waiting for?

Energy requirements of the Internet in real time, while you look around here on our website.

Every month, an average of 270 million terabytes of data is transmitted on the Internet (Polarstern-Energie.de)

Every year, 416 TWh of energy is consumed for the Internet.
This emits 830 million tons of CO2sub>.

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